VITO oilTester

How to measure the oil quality

Measure before service in heated up oil
When measuring after service please let the oil rest for 15-20 minutes

1. Turn on the tester
2. Immerse and pay attention to min/max mark
3. Stir and hold tester into the oil until it starts to show a color on the display
(green = your oil is still good to use)
(orange = soon it will be time to change the oil)
(red = it's time to change the oil)
4. Gently wipe off the sensor

5. Write down measurement result in the HACCP sheet

Oiltester Adjustment

Make sure that the sensor is completly clean!

1. Push the [HOLD] button immediately for two seconds after turning on
2. Enter the password, confirm every number with [HOLD]
3. Alarm lights up in the orange coloured display
4. Press [HOLD] to navigate through the menu until CAL and YES or NO is shown on the display Switch it to YES with [▲] or [▼]
5. Confirm with [HOLD], then OIL and CAL will light up in the display

• Adjust the value with [▲] or [▼] to the TPM-start value of your oil / fat
• Confirm with [HOLD] to accept the set value
• Make further settings or exit the configuration with the On/Off button
The device then switches to the display mode

• Press the On/Off button for almost one second to exit the configuration mod
• You will return to the display mode
• Now you can continue measuring or turn off the oiltester.

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