VITO x series - cleaning

Open the VITO X-Series and take out the dirty filter

After that you can remove the filterbasket to clean it in your dishwasher

Use some water and soap to flush the tank and the hose

How to clean the VITO

Wear gloves and lock the breaks!
1. Fill a sink with water and neutral soap
2. Press ''POWER'' and ''FILTER'' to soak in the mixture
    OR Pour a bucket with water and soap directly into the tank
3. Press ''POWER'' and ''RETURN'' (Make sure that the lever is in the right position!)
4. Clean the interior as shown in the video
5. Rinse the system - Operate VITO on ''RETURN'' and place the tube/hose into the water
6. Pump the used water back into the sink -  Press "POWER" and "RETURN"
7. Rinse the system with clear water until the soap is completely gone
8. Clean the surface and cover e.g. with Stainless steel cleaner
9. Optionally clean the filter basket into the dishwasher
10. Optionally drain the remaining water

How to drain the VITO X Series

Remove the screw/starhandle at the bottom of your VITO X to drain the
remaining liquid

Make sure that the sealing is still attached when putting the screw/starhandle back again

After cleaning insert a fresh filter into the basket and your VITO is ready to use again!

(Later VITO X models do have a fitting filter, which does not overlap)

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