VITO x series - usage

1. Lock the brakes

2. Insert a filter

3. Plug in the cable

4. Press “POWER” and position the lever to ''FILTER''

Make sure that the lever is in the right position!

5. Put the lance in the fryer

6. Press "FILTER" & "HEATER"

7. Start the vacuum filtration process

8. Wipe the lance

(X1 only: Please remember that the capacity of the build-in tank is 80 liters. Beyound that amount you'll harm the VITO X1)

After cleaning the fryer, position the lever to ''RETURN'', put the lance in the fryer, then press "RETURN" and pump your clean oil back into the fryer.

Please keep in mind to only press "RETURN" when you hold the lance IN the fryer!

Be sure to empty the lance after filtration so that no grease can accumulate in it.

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