VITO Portable series - connect

Connect VITO to Wifi and Adjust cycle time

1. Plug in VITO but do not turn on
2. Use a tablet, mobile or PC and select your Wifi settings
3. Connect to VITO config + serialnumber (pw 123456789)
4. Open the web browser on your device and type in the address field
5. Tap the VITO drop (username: user / pw: Vito2k18)
6. Change language to your preferences
7. Select cycle time to your preferences
8. Click ''save'' to accept the changes
9. Configurate Wifi and type in your Wifi data - ''save'' changes

When connecting VITO for the first time the device checks the connection and displays whether it is working out or not

Download Short instruction here

VITOconnect website instruction

You have already connected your VITO to the Wifi?

Then please follow the following instructions:

1. Go to the following page in your web browser and click on register.
2. Fill out the necessary information and create a password.
3. Confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the confirmation email.
4. Enter again the contact information and the location of your VITO. The serial number can be found on the electronic unit of your VITO.
5. You can add your device under ‚‚Manage Devices“
6. Click on the eye symbol to complete the task.
7. You can set the set target filtration cycles and the currency under ‚‚Device Settings“
8. You can make your declaration about fryers and planned savings under ‚‚Location Settings“  50% = potato products / 40% = mixed fryers/ 30% = meat and fish
9. Lastly you can set up when and how often you want to receive reports about the VITO usage under ‚‚Nofification Settings“
Done! Under reports you can see different reports for your VITO

Download Short instruction here

How to update your VITO

1. Connect to VITO config + serialnumber (pw 123456789)
2. Open your web browser and enter
3. Tap the VITO drop (username: user / pw: Vito2k18)
4. Click ''Wifi configuration'' and select your network
5. Enter password of your network and click save
6. Wait for connection result and click ''back''
7. Click ''menu'' and ''update available''
8. Read the update notes and click ''yes''
9. Reconnect to VITO Config + serialnumber and enter
10. Click ''Check for Firmwareupdates'' and wait until installed
11. Click ''Install update now''
12. After ''beep'' sound VITO is ready for use (Reconnect VITO and check)
13. Click ''Forget network''

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