VITO Portable series - cleaning

Change the filter only when it is full! The filter is not single use.
It is time to change the cellulose filter when the VITO effect (circulation) is no longer visible and the oil is not moving anymore during the filtration.
That will usually happen after a maximum of 10 filtration cycles, depending on the operation.

Only change the filter on a cooled off VITO oil filter. Disconnect the electric unit from the pump unit, open and take out the filter

Disassemble VITO and clean the filter unit and the drip dray in the dishwasher or elsewise

Never clean the electrical unit in the dishwasher! 

After cleaning in the dishwasher, dry all parts, insert a new filter and assemble VITO

Be sure that the filter is inserted overlapping.

How to remove leftover particles from the VITO VL

How to deep clean your VITO

Give your VITO a deep clean when you notice resistant carbon deposits on the device.
1. Fill a water tank/ bain marie/ pot with water and heat it up to 90 degrees (194 °F)
2. Insert some kind of fryer/ oven cleaner
3. Place the pump-filter unit of the VITO into hot water
4. Let it soak at least 1-2 hours, ideally overnight
5. Check with a brush how easy it is to remove the deposits and how easy the rotor turns
6. Rinse the VITO with clear water and dry it

Place the pump-filter unit into your fryer while boiling it out with water

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