VITO Portable series - usage

Make sure the cellulose filter is inserted overlapping into the VITO and that the filterbox is closed correctly

You don't have to change the filter after every filtration!
(More information on cleaning)

Place VITO into the fryer after service. Pay attention to the oil level - it should be in between the minimum and maximum mark of the VITO

Refill or skim if neccessary!

Place VITO above the deepest point of your fryer for best circulation of the oil. Place the VITO so that it is exactly on the gap between the burners.

VITO stops automatically after the cycle (4.5 minutes)
Take VITO out of the fryer and place it in the drip tray

Have you noticed that only a very small amount of oil is coming out at the
front of your VITO VM or VITO VL frying oil filter?

Please note that the VITO VL and VM are designed in such a way that only a
small amount of frying oil

is released at the front, while the majority of the oil is pushed out at the bottom and the side openings. This doesn‘t indicate any defects or malfunctions! The filter is fully operational.

Releasing more oil from the sides and the bottom allows the VITO to be more efficient and cause more circulation under the surface.

Download oil flow flyer

VITO fixing bracket and clip on frame

These accessories can help the VITO to get in a safe position in your fryer!


One set of feet contains 4 feet 4 washers and 4 nuts

VITO comes preinstalled with holes for the feet

Put nut and washer over a foot and thighten it. Repeat for all feet

Programming the cycle time

3. Press start/stop button to increase the cycle time by 30 sec. (Re-program starts at 0 sec!) (e.g. press 3x for 1,5min etc.)

4. Once the designated cycle time is set, wait for the green LED to flash once (VITO 80 and VL beep)

5. Pull out the power plug

The new cycle time is now saved. 

Read out cycles with VITO Data Reader
(works only with VITO 30/50/80, VITO VL doesn´t have this function)

1. Plug in your VITO
2. Push the red button on the reader

3. Hold your Data reader to the red LED light on the VITO
4. Hold the start/stop button at your VITO
5. Green light starts flashing

6. The following information is displayed:
• Software version
• Cycle time
• Operating time
• Used cycles
• Max. temperature
• Hold the red button to turn off the Data Reader

If you're not holding the Data Reader properly at the POWER LED (red LED) of your VITO, an error might appear or the device won't show any data. In this case try again.

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