VITO T series - usage

1. set the brakes 

2. plug in the cable 

3. press "POWER" and position the handle on "IN".

    Make sure the handle is in the correct position!

4. hold the lance into the fryer 

5. press "IN“  

6. start the vacuum process

7. wipe the lance of 

(TS only: Please note that the capacity of the tank is 40 liters. If you try to suck in a higher volume, it will harm the device). 

After transport, slowly move the handle down to ''OUT'', while you hold the lance in the fryer or into the waste oil ton and press ''OUT''  to pump back the oil. 

Please remember to press the "OUT" button only when you hold the lance IN the fryer! 

Be sure to empty the lance so that no grease is trapped in it. 

Do not leave the lance hanging in the fryer unattended.
Otherwise, underpressure may cause it to overflow.

Download the short instruction here

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