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What to do when there is a low filtration performance?

- Possible cause: Particle filter is full | Pump-filter unit clogged | Motor defective
- Action: Change the particle filter and empty the pump-filter unit. Boil VITO out to remove heavy contamination
If no improvement please contact us!

What to do if VITO overheates?

- Possible cause: Overtemperature
- Action: Take VITO out of fryer and let it cool down while still plugged in. Don't bring in cool room!

What to do if  “”- website is not displayed correctly?

- Possible cause: Outdated website in cache | Device is not connected to VITO
- Action: Delete Cache and browser data. Connect to VITO once again

What to do if Internet connection cannot be established

- Possible cause: Wrong network chosen | Wrong password entered | WiFi signal too weak
- Action: Select correct network and enter correct password. Strengthen the Wifi signal e.g. by moving router closer to VITO

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