VITO® Håndteringsveiledning

Version: 1.7 (10/2017)


Change the filter only when it is full (If the oil stops dripping out of the filter box). Only change the filter on a cooled off VITO® oil filter. Disconnect the electric unit from the pump unit, open and take out the filter.

Disassemble VITO® and clean the filter unit and the drip dray in the dishwasher or elsewise.
Never clean the electrical unit in the dishwasher!

After cleaning in the dishwasher, dry all parts, insert a new filter and assemble VITO®. Be sure that the filter is inserted overlapping.

Programming the cycle time
  1. 1. Press start/stop button instantly after cycle length was displayed
  2. 2. Press start/stop button to increase the cycle time by 30 sec. (Re-program starts at 0 sec!)
    (e.g. press 3x for 1,5min etc.)
  3. 3. Once the designated cycle time is set, wait for the green LED to flash once (VITO® 80 beeps).
  4. 4. Pull out the power plug.
The new cycle time is now saved.

Oiltester Adjustment
  1. 1. Clean sensor with a lipo-soluble agent and a soft cloth before adjustment.
  2. 2. Switch Oiltester on by pressing Hold shortly.
  3. 3. After 1 second press Hold again and hold until °C/°F is shown on the display.
  4. 4. Press the Hold- button 6 times, untill OFF and CAL is displayed. Swich the adjustment function back ON with down button
  5. 5. Confirm with Hold.
    - OIL and CAL are displayed.
  6. 6. Dip the sensor into the oil. Mind the immersion depth!
    - (Sensor has to stay in the oil untill the end of the adjustment!)
    - (Alarm LED is orange)
  7. 7. Start the adjustment with the Hold- button. Keep the sensor moving in the oil to shorten the measurement time. (during the measurement the alarm LED is red)
  8. 8. When the measurement is finished, alarm LED is green.
    - Measurements are displayed.
  9. 9. Compare the measured value with your start value and set your start value.
  10. 10. Adaption of the start value:
    - adjust the value with up or down button.
    - Confirm with Hold, rSt-OFF appears on the display.
    - Confirm with Hold (values are adopted)