VITO® Handling Instructions

Version: 1.7 (10/2017)


Change the filter only when it is full (If the oil stops dripping out of the filter box). Only change the filter on a cooled off VITO oil filter. Disconnect the electric unit from the pump unit, open and take out the filter.

Disassemble VITO and clean the filter unit and the drip dray in the dishwasher or elsewise.
Never clean the electrical unit in the dishwasher!

After cleaning in the dishwasher, dry all parts, insert a new filter and assemble VITO. Be sure that the filter is inserted overlapping.

Programming the cycle time
  1. 1. Press start/stop button instantly after cycle length was displayed
  2. 2. Press start/stop button to increase the cycle time by 30 sec. (Re-program starts at 0 sec!)
    (e.g. press 3x for 1,5min etc.)
  3. 3. Once the designated cycle time is set, wait for the green LED to flash once (VITO 80 beeps).
  4. 4. Pull out the power plug.
The new cycle time is now saved.

Oiltester Adjustment
  1. The sensor must be completly clean.
  2. 1. Push the [HOLD] button immediately for two seconds after turning on.
    2. Enter the password, confirm every number with [HOLD].
    3. Alarm lights up in the orange coloured display.
    4. Press [HOLD] to navigate through the menu until CAL and YES or NO is shown on the display.
    Switch it to YES with [▲] or [▼].
    5. Confirm with [HOLD], then OIL and CAL will light up in the display.

    • Adjust the value with [▲] or [▼] to the TPM-start value of your oil / fat.
    • Confirm with [HOLD] to accept the set value.
    • Make further settings or exit the configuration with [ ].
    The device then switches to the display mode.
  3. • Press [ ] for almost one second to exit the configuration mode.
    • You will return to the display mode.
    • Now you can continue measuring or turn off the oiltester.

FT440 Adjustment

VITO Data Reader
  1. 1. Plug in your VITO.
    2. Push the red button.
    3. Hold the start button at your VITO.
    4. Green light starts flashing.

    5. The following information is displayed:
    • Software version
    • Cycle time
    • Operating time
    • Used cycles
    • Max. temperature
    • Hold the red button to turn off the Data Reader

VITO clip-on frame
  1. 1. Adapt the side parts with the middle part and tighten the screws.
  2. 2. Place the clip-on frame in your fryer.
  3. 3. Place VITO in your fryer. Use the fixing bracket on the back to mount it on the clip-on frame.