VITO® Handling Instructions

Version: 1.7 (10/2017)


Open the VITO X-Series and take out the dirty filter. After that you can remove the filterbasket to clean it in your dishwasher.
Use water and some soap to flush the tank and the hose.

Clean the VITO X.

After cleaning put the filterbasket in the VITO X-Series again. Just lay in a filter and your VITO is ready for use again.

Oiltester Adjustment
  1. The sensor must be completly clean.
  2. 1. Push the [HOLD] button immediately for two seconds after turning on.
    2. Enter the password, confirm every number with [HOLD].
    3. Alar m i lights up in the orange coloured display.
    4. Press [HOLD] to navigate through the menu until CAL and YES or NO is shown on the display.
    Switch it to YES with [▲] or [▼].
    5. Confirm with [HOLD], then OIL and CAL will light up in the display.

    • Adjust the value with [▲] or [▼] to the TPM-start value of your oil / fat.
    • Confirm with [HOLD] to accept the set value.
    • Make further settings or exit the configuration with [ ].
    The device then switches to the display mode.
  3. • Press [ ] for almost one second to exit the configuration mode.
    • You will return to the display mode.
    • Now you can continue measuring or turn off the oiltester.